End Of Tenancy
We know that when you are moving out of rented accommodation the last thing you want to do is spend money cleaning carpets that you will not benefit from. However there has to be a careful balance as choosing the cheapest company can end up costing you even more money as you may not receive your full deposit due to the condition of the carpets upon hand over.
Unlike many other carpet cleaning companies we use truckmounted machinery. Our machinery is so powerful that it has to stay outside mounted in our vans which means that we will not use your electricity to heat the water or run the machines which can be surprisingly expensive and often a hidden cost not expected. We bring our own water and take the dirty water away with us.
Our promise is to thoroughly clean your carpets and furnishings treating all stains and spillages with the utmost care to help ensure you retain as much of your deposit as possible. In fact it is often commented that we have removed marks or stains that were already on the inventory before moving in!

 We understand that moving home is stressful enough and you need a flexible company to fit in with your needs. So we offer an evenings and weekends service to help. We often operate in two man teams, so we can be in and out in the shortest possible time leaving the carpets almost dry and ready to use.

If your property is unfurnished, in a reasonable condition and has been fully hoovered we may be able to offer a discount of up to 15%. Call us now for more details or request a call back.



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