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We can clean and restore all types of natural and man-made stone., such as marble cleaning & polishing, tile cleaning, grout cleaning, slate cleaning and quarry tile cleaning.  

Stone & Tile Cleaning


This service is normally for existing floors or those ‘discovered’ under carpets in period properties, but can also be new floors. The process involves chemical products, such as alkaline and acid cleaners, in order to regain the ‘new’ look. To protect and enhance your rejuvenated floor an appropriate sealer is subsequently applied. We will consult with you in respect of ‘foot traffic’ giving careful consideration to factors such as the nature of the property, the location of the floor, children and pets.

Natural Stone Restoration Services



Natural stone restoration comes in two forms:

Chemical Restoration is a process of honing your floor with powders of different abrasive qualities. Depending on the condition and the qualities of your floor a ‘shine’ may be achieved. This often proves a cost effective method of reviving stone. However, if a ‘shine’ is required sometimes the clarity of the stone is not presented as effectively as with the mechanical process.

Mechanical Restoration is a process of grinding your floor perfectly flat by removing lippage. It is technically impossible to create a totally even surface when floors are laid. After grinding, the floor is honed with resin bonded diamonds. This treatment may be in up to 6 stages depending of which of the three potential finishes you may desire: ‘Honed’ (matt look, no ‘shine’), ‘Semi-Sheen’ (honed with a slight ‘shine’) and ‘Shine’ (‘the hotel lobby look’). This approach has many advantages, in particular the continued maintenance of your floor.

Whatever your choice you will receive our ‘After-care Maintenance Plan’ to ensure the look of your floor will be retained for years to come.

Surfaces which Mechanical Process can be carried out on:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Concrete
  • Basalt
  • Full Bodied Porcelain


Concrete Polishing


This process has been introduced to the United Kingdom relatively recently and thus its use has to become widespread. There is now no need to cover up what was a dull and unattractive slab of cement.

The benefits of ‘Exclusive Polished Concrete’ are:

· Eco-friendly

· Extremely hard wearing

· Easy maintenance

· Aesthetically pleasing

· Low cost

· The floor can become up to 8 times harder.

It is now possible to polish concrete to a high gloss. This may be achieved by initially exposing the aggregate, which is integral to the concrete. Then by honing the surface sequentially with increasingly fine resin bonded diamonds a reflective gloss finish is created.

Additional treatments may entail colouring agents. There is a choice of up to thirty different colours. In industrial or commercial locations these may usefully serve to define walkways or indicate potentially hazardous areas. Potentially your name or logo may be coloured into the concrete.


Who would benefit from ‘Exclusive Polished Concrete’?

We are frequently asked this question. Since we believe this is ‘The Floor System of the Future’ our response is invariably ‘Everyone!’ Polished concrete is proven to be highly effective in areas such as kitchens, staircases, car showrooms, factories, commercial units, aircraft hangers, airports and train stations. The possibilities are endless.


We can protect your floors too with durable, hard wearing tile sealers, protector impregnators are applied, along with colour enhancers (where applicable) to rejuvenate and revive the gallery of colours and the natural beauty of your stone.


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