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1A Acclaim offer a deep cleaning service using the latest van based technology.  WeWWeWewfuyjghkufhsdfgoi;sgiopujgd'ighjg'i We use the most powerful machinery possible, giving far superior results over any other electric units brought into your home. Our powerful truck mount system leaves your carpets and rugs cleaner, brighter and smelling fresher. This system penetrates the most heavily soiled carpets, leaving no sticky residues and left almost dry. We use safe biodegradable materials, with specialist solvents to tackle the most stubborn of stains. We can effectively tackle most stains and specialise in red wine removal. Although every effort is made sometimes it is not possible to guarantee the removal of every stain.




We clean carpets right up to the skirting boards, removing dirt and microbes that have been filtered through the fibres over time. It is important to remove this as when the air pressure in rooms change it can cause dust to blow back into the room - We do this as Standard!

 Our stain treatments are included in the price with no nasty hidden extras!  

Why choose us?

  • We will move and replace furniture.
  • Furniture placed on protective pads
  • Only use softened water with our solutions, leaving carpets softer than ever
  • Non residue products to prevent re-soiling.
  • Most Carpets dry within hours
  • All products safe to children and pets



We were called out to a customer who had this carpet cleaned by another company and was unhappy with the result

As you can see, the results speak for themselves 
The customer was delighted as they were considering replacing the carpet, but after we cleaned it they no longer needed to.

Ask about our Clean and Protect service.

Once we have cleaned your carpets we can apply a protector to help repel soiling. Protector can increase the life of your carpets as well as offering the ability to blot out stains and avoiding permanent staining.


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