Leather furnishings have become increasingly popular. They need to be regularly cleaned and cared for to maintain a high level of appearance and an extended life.

Information supplied by manufacturers can sometimes be misleading encouraging consumers to try DIY home remedies that can cause damage and premature wear.

1A Acclaim will clean your leather by hand with safe products to ensure your valuable furnishing are restored to near as possible original condition.

This procedure involving gentle agitation into the grain of leather using specialist cleaning solutions will remove any ingrained soil and grease from the surfaces to achieve the desired cleaning results

Leather Finishing

In order to sustain and protect your newly cleaned leather ware it is advisable that we apply a leather protection and conditioning agent. This product helps maintain a proper moisture balance in your leather causing a long lasting supple effect.
The procedure will act as a barrier to help it resist the effect of daily soiling and dry transfer. It also makes for easier spot removal when caring for and maintaining your leather furniture.

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